Safe. Fast. Affordable.

Why Choose Us?
Very Reliable
It's awful when you go back to a business you work with and they've up and disappeared. We're here to stay so you know we'll be here when you need help next. That's an important quality to our customers.

We Decide Fast
Life is a fast moving target and that's why you can count on us to decide fast instead of leaving you hanging. We try to process all loan requests within fifteen minutes of getting all the relevant information.

Reasonable Staff
Talking to bankers can be about as fun as going to the dentist. We may not be exactly fun to talk to but we won't be irritating or unreasonable either, which is a promise no banker would ever make.
Easy As 1 2 3
Submit Our Application
Once you've submitted our application you'll only be minutes away from receiving the funds you need.

Confirm Bank Account Details
You'll just need to confirm your banking details, when you get paid, and what has been happening in your account for the past 31 days to finalize the application. All done with our convenient tool that works on most computers.

We Transfer The Money
We transfer the money directly to your account which is what our customers have told us is the best way for it to be done. You'll be just as satisfied as they are.

Want To Talk?
We love talking, or emailing. Whichever you're more comfortable with. Email at or phone at 603-782-2781.
Business Practices
Only One Loan
You can only have one loan at a time with our company. We recommend that you don't try to skirt this by getting multiple loans with multiple companies as you'll be digging yourself into a pretty deep hole with no way out.

Privacy Protection
We will guard your privacy assiduously. Our client data is our most valuable asset and we won't be selling it to anyone unless you ask us to find you an alternate lender.

Fair Collections
We follow the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act to the letter so you know that you'll be treated fairly, even if you do decide to not pay back the loan.

No Security
We aren't going to ask for collateral, even with our rock bottom interest rates that are under what you'd pay at most title loan companies in the USA.

We Lend Across New Hampshire
Major Cities
Laconia Keene Berlin Lebanon Manchester Nashua Concord Franklin Portsmouth Dover Rochester Somersworth Claremont